How to “eat right” in Korean BBQ restaurant?

“How is it work?” When there are customers first time eating at a Korean BBQ restaurant, they always feel confusing from ordering to the cooking process. 

When you get seated, you can always see the table have a circle grill sitting in the middle and there are already have side dishes prepared (you can always ask for refill after you finish them and it is FREE). The side dishes are like the appetizers for you to eat while you waiting on your meat. After that, the servers will come introduce themselves at the beginning and explain the menu to you, then they will take your order. However, don’t expect the servers will cook the food for you, because customers are have to cook their own food in any Korean BBQ restaurant.

Even if you are starving, it is better not to throw all the meat on the grill because all the food will get easier to burn and the meat will not taste the same since all the marinated meat mixed together. What is the best to do is put the pork belly on the grill first so you get enough oil on the grill for the next meat to avoid burning the meat easily (Korean BBQ restaurants do not give you cooking oil to cook the meat). If you are getting a burning grill? No worry, you can always feel free to ask your server change it up for you!

Another problem when customers first time cooking the meat on the grill is they don’t know when is their meat perfectly done. If you do not know when the meat is cooked, there is a little tip. If you don’t want your meat get overcooked, the best timing to flip the meat is when you start seeing there is water pool up on top.

When you start getting full and there are still leftover meat, I recommend you to order a Japchae (sweet potato starch noodle stir fired with vegetable) and mixing them with your leftover meat. I believe it is going to blast your taste buds!


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