Beef bulgogi? What is bulgogi means?

On Korean BBQ restaurant menu, people can always see they are selling beef bulgogi, pork bulgogi, and chicken bulgogi. For people who first time dinning at a Korean BBQ restaurant, they might have many questions: What is bulgogi means? Which part of the meat is it? How is it taste like? 

Bulgogi means a Korean dish of marinated thinly-cut meat, like brisket, sirloin and rib eye, Beef and pork bulgogi are really common in every Korean BBQ restaurant because the meat are thinly cut so it is easier to cook.

Bulgogi is normally marinated with soy sauces, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, green onion and black pepper. It is more likely a sweet-marinated meat. Some people complain about the meat at Korean BBQ restaurant are too sweet, but it is normal because Asian people like light and sweet flavor rather than heavy and smoky flavors of meat.

If some Korean BBQ restaurant offer lettuce wrap, it is perfect to serve with lettuce leaf or with a bowl of hot rice. For the lettuce wrap, you can put a little rice into the lettuce leaf and top with one to two slices of bulgogi then put some sesame oil on it.

The spicy pork bulgogi is having the same concept like beef bulgogi but it add more spicy dressing on this dish ( Korean people love spicy food so much!). Pork meat usually take a while to fully cook but pork bulgogi is also thinly cut meat, so It takes less time to cook, unlike pork chop. It also server perfectly well with lettuce wrap and hot rice.


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