Soju, the Korean alcohol

Soju is a kind of distilled rice liquor from Korea. It is really popular in Korea especially between female consumers because it comes with different fruity flavors like pomegranate, pineapple, peach, classic and fresh. The brand people can always see in America is Good day, and I believe this Korean liquor is getting more common and popular between Americans

Soju is always come with a small bottle (350 ML at 20% alcohol) and consume with a small shot glass. Some people did not know soju might hit you powerful and in fact, 2 bottles of soju can make a normal drink really drunk.

How is it taste like? Soju is low-alcohol and tasteless version of Vodka and it is very smooth in taste which makes it goes very well with Korean barbecue. Some Korean restaurants can make custom soju with syrup, so compare to beer and other strong liquor, Soju gives wide variety of flavors to people. 

When you dinning at a Korean restaurant which offers custom soju, you can always ask the bartender or server about their secret recipe or you can also request to make your own flavor of soju!


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