The robot server at Gen KBBQ House

Gen Korean BBQ House is FINALLY OPEN in Fremont!

Gen Korean BBQ restaurant is one of the popular All-You-Can-Eat Korean Barbecue restaurants from Los Angeles.

Compare to traditional KBBQ restaurant, Gen not only selling their delicious Mears and tends to focus on customer services and their special interior layout which make their restaurant more significant.

In recent years, they are start opening new stores in North California and foreign country in every few months. San Jose, Milpitas, Monclair, Philippine and Fremont. For their newly opened stores in Fremont, Gen is using their newest robot system to deliver food to the table which brings different dinning experience to the guest and causes more convenience to the servers.

The Fremont location is actually have similar interior design with other stores but they finally have a full bar at Fremont location, which mean they are selling more different cocktails and house special drinks compare to other location! People can hang out with friends and order drinks from their bar. However, people are not allowed to order food from the bar.

How is it work?

The server will come to your table to take your order when you get seated. It is different from Kula sushi in Cupertino which is also using the robot system to deliver food to the guest. There is no panel for the guest to order their own meat and every time when people want to order food, they have to wait for the server to touch their table. Sometimes there is long wait for food and order taking at rush hour.



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