Table manner: speaking loud during the meal?

Amy Chen, a Chinese student claims that a Korean BBQ restaurant discriminating against Chinese people because the staff separate the Chinese customers into the back room without air conditioner.

Amy Chen assumes that the staff did that on purpose because Chinese people being too noisy while they are eating at the restaurant and Amy Chen thinks it is unacceptable and said that she will never go back to Little Korea BBQ. However, the owner of Little Korea denied the accusation and explain that the majority of their customers are Chinese and they have to seat the customers in the room if necessary on busy night.

In this case, we cannot make a judgement say who is wrong and who is right. However, it is interesting to discuss the table manner in Korea culture. Similar to Japanese culture, Korean people always keep their volume low when they are talking during the meal because talking loud and being too noisy are consider as being rude and there is no restaurant would like to their customers are bothering other guests with their noise.

The Chinese student admits that she knows Chinese people are always being noisy, so she “assumes” that is the reason why the Korean restaurant want to separate them. In my opinion, if you know your behavior is not welcome by other people or might bother other people in the public, I would control myself not to bother the others and respect the others’ culture and rules.




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