Q pot: the fusion of hot pot and KBBQ

One time my sister from Hong Kong came to San Jose to visit me and she wants me to take her  to try different Korean BBQ restaurants. I took her to Gen BBQ at first because this place is so popular and provide good customer service and she really satisfied with the experience. Then second time, I’m tired of eating Korean BBQ so I suggest to go to the place where we can eat hotpot and Korean BBQ at the same time, which is Q pot.

Rumor said Q pot is competitor of Gen KBBQ and one of their managers were part of the management at Gen, so their menu, sauces, customer server are very similar to GEN. The biggest difference is there is an ipad on each table for customers to order their own meat and they have a sauces bar, so the customers can mix their own sauces.

Image was taken at Q pot

In the picture, you can see Q pot have the same grill bowl like Gen KBBQ and there are 4 small hot pot spot on the table. Customers can choose only KBBQ or hot pot or both but prices are vary.

They have 4 different soup broths on the menu and I highly recommend their house special because there are so much flavors in the creamy broth, I personally think that the soup broth goes really well with red meat but not seafood because their soup broth is too rich and you cannot taste the white meat with the flavorful soup base.

Image was taken at Q pot


Compare to GEN KBBQ, their KBBQ proteins are not as fresh as GEN KBBQ. To be honest, their marinated pork belly not worth to try but their nook gan sal is not as sweet as the one that Gen have, so I recommend you to order their prime steak and nook gan sal if you don’t like sweet marinated meat.

The overall rating is 4/5. The server is very friendly and the food came out really fast. I’m not a fan of their KBBQ but I will come back for their hot pot only.




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