Japanese BBQ vs Korean BBQ


Some people who do not familiar with Asian culture probably do not understand the difference between the Japanese BBQ and Korean BBQ. Since I’m big fan of both barbecue cultures, I will show you the cultural difference and my perspectives.

Image by Wikimedia common

The biggest difference between KBBQ and JBBQ which Japanese called the “teppanyaki” is that  Korean barbecue are always marinated with sauces before you cook and Japanese barbecue have more options of non-marinated meat.

image by Shinya Suzuki

Most Korean BBQ restaurants do not have many vegetable choices on the menu because they already have lettuce wrap and side dishes on the table but compare to KBBQ, Japanese BBQ have different categories of vegetables on the menu like mushroom, cucumber, okra and bell pepper, etc.

Japanese people believe they have to balance the consumption of both proteins and vegetables. If there is a group of Japanese people or Japanese family eating at a BBQ restaurant, you can see they usually order more plates of vegetable than proteins.

This is one of the biggest difference I noticed between Japanese, Chinese, Korean people and Americans.





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