How to cook Korean BBQ at home?

Someday, you want to throw a party at home but you are tired of the traditional Barbecue way? You can try to DIY a Korean BBQ at your back yard or patio!

What make Korean BBQ stand out must be the banchan with kimchi, pickled vegetables and fish cakes.  It is easier to buy the packaged banchan at the supermarket and there is a Korean market in Santa Clara called “Galleria Market.” They have varieties of banchan and vegetables on the shelf. If you want to DIY your own banchan, you can just buy some kimchi and toss blanched bean sprouts or spinach in sesame oil. In addition, you can buy a big jar of potato salad at Cotsco.


Image by Wikipedia

After banchan, time to decide the good mix of meats. Galleria market have some already marinated meat like spicy pork bulgogi and Kalbi. If you like pork belly, they also have some thick-cut pork belly but they are not marinated. Everything is coming with well-packaged.

image by Pixabay

If you want to buy vegetables to cook along with the meat, thick-cut onion, bell pepper, zucchini and mushroom are best choice cook on the grill and they all taste amazing when mixing with cooked meat juice.

To giving your friend a complete Korean BBQ experience, you must get lettuce wrap and steam rice ready because Korean people usually put the cooked meat with steam rice on lettuce wrap and eat it together. If you don’t hate garlic or spicy sauces, you can add some garlic slice or chili sauces.

Image by wikipedia

If you want to try something different on liquor, why not the soju? The soju bottles are come with different flavors like peach, pineapple and fresh, etc. The Galleria market have a soju section to sell these Korean liquor and they always have promotion.

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