How to cook Korean BBQ at home?

Someday, you want to throw a party at home but you are tired of the traditional Barbecue way? You can try to DIY a Korean BBQ at your back yard or patio!

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YakiniQ: overrating?

Before people really know what is Korean BBQ, YakiniQ is already getting popular in Bay Area.

YakiniQ is one of the AYCD KBBQ restaurants on the list and there is always long wait on the weekend. One thing that I don’t understand is why a Korean BBQ restaurant named “YakiniQ” because the name of YakiniQ is come from JAPANESE “Yakiniku.”  Continue reading “YakiniQ: overrating?”

Q pot: the fusion of hot pot and KBBQ

One time my sister from Hong Kong came to San Jose to visit me and she wants me to take her  to try different Korean BBQ restaurants. I took her to Gen BBQ at first because this place is so popular and provide good customer service and she really satisfied with the experience. Then second time, I’m tired of eating Korean BBQ so I suggest to go to the place where we can eat hotpot and Korean BBQ at the same time, which is Q pot. Continue reading “Q pot: the fusion of hot pot and KBBQ”

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