Every time when we enter a Korean barbecue restaurant, there are dishes are always prepared on the table and there are gas or charcoal grills built into the dining table waiting for you to cook on them.

Many customers always ask me the same questions when I start their tables.  How do we cook the meat? Do we have to put oil on the plate? Can we eat these white paper thingy?  What are these side dishes? I’m not surprise if our customers have the same questions because the “culture” are different.

Korean barbecue restaurants always have thin-cut meat like Chadol (brisket) and marinated pork belly. Looking at their menu, most of the items are beef  and pork and you can barely see lamb meat appear on menu in any Korean Barbecue restaurant. They also provide free salad and condiment so the guest can wrap the meat with lettuce and sauces. This method can help balance the consumption of meat and vegetables.


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