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Asian culture are sharing similar table manners and etiquette and it is really useful if you learn any of them when you go travel in any country in Asia. In Korean culture, politiness and table manner is very important and still in use today.

1) Wait to be seated and pick a correct seat.

Wait for the oldest person/people to sit down first before you take a seat at the table. The honored guest who is also usually the oldest person takes the seat of honor farthest from the door.

2) Beginning the meal

Wait for the eldest people to lift their spoon or chopsticks and should always wait for the eldest people to eat first before you start eating.

3) Pouring drinks

Don’t pour your own drink and you should always refill drinks for the eldest people first. It is not polite if you refuse drinks especially when the elder offering drinks to you.

4)During the meal

Blowing nose on table during the meal is counting as extremely rude. You have to excuse yourself to the restroom if you want to blow your nose with tissue.

5) Soup and Rice Bowls

Don’t hold the rice bowl. The rice bowl should left on the table while eating. This is a common rule in Asian culture, especially in Japan and China.

6) Accepting dishes and drinks

You should always hold out your glass or dishes with both hands, which is showing respectful and appreciation to other people.

From the rules I listed above, we can tell Korean people really care about the seniority (like Japanese and Chinese people). These are all the basic knowledge to learn so not to embarrass yourself when eating at a Korean restaurant or eating with Korean friends.


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