YakiniQ: overrating?

Before people really know what is Korean BBQ, YakiniQ is already getting popular in Bay Area.

YakiniQ is one of the AYCD KBBQ restaurants on the list and there is always long wait on the weekend. One thing that I don’t understand is why a Korean BBQ restaurant named “YakiniQ” because the name of YakiniQ is come from JAPANESE “Yakiniku.” 

YakiniQ is also a All-You-Can-Eat restaurant, and same price all day (No lunch special). If you want to order the premium meats, you have to pay extra $5 per person. I suggest people go visit during day time or weekday, because they normally have 2-3 hours wait at night and parking is a headache.

Image by Zomato

This is the only food menu they have in store besides beverage menu.

I only been there for only one time because I’m not a big fan of red meat and I don’t like the environment which is smokey, lack of lighting and very noisy and crowded.

Look at their menu, only 17 items on the menu if you pay $19.99 per person and most of their items are beef and pork which is understandable because most Korean BBQ restaurants only sell beef and pork meats instead of seafood and chicken but I’m not really impressed with their menu because they don’t have any vegetables and seafood. In other word, meat lovers would love this place but people who love to enjoy the environment and customers might not come back again.

Rating: 3/5: they have to work on neatness of the store and their meats are not as fresh as before according to my friends who been there for so many times. Since there are more BBQ business opening, I think they should add more items on their menu for different group of people in the market.





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